Allegiant Care is a nonprofit health and retirement benefits fund dedicated to delivering the highest quality healthcare for Teamsters at the best price. For 50 years, Allegiant Care (formerly NNEBT) has provided members with the most comprehensive, cost-effective benefits from trusted providers. Our number-one goal is to maintain and improve members’ quality of life and provide peace of mind. You’ve earned it!

We’re proud of the commitment to our members and take our responsibility for the healthcare benefits you receive to heart. Since our founding in 1966, we have crafted a tradition of trust and a reputation for integrity.

Because we have the power of the Teamsters behind us, we shop for exceptional healthcare plans for our members. Strength in numbers equals buying power, which means we get the best value from top insurance providers. And, because we’re a nonprofit, you can be confident you’re getting the most bang for your benefit bucks.

Our primary allegiance is to you, our members. We are there if you need help navigating through what can be a confusing healthcare maze. Allegiant Care representatives are duty-bound to work with you and the insurance provider to resolve any issues promptly in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Being covered by Allegiant Care means that when a medical issue arises, you can care for your loved one or yourself without worrying about insurance coverage. With one phone call, you can get answers about medical, prescription, dental, vision, life, disability and retiree benefits. Now that’s peace of mind.

Allegiant Rx is another exclusive benefit to Teamster members, offering a nonprofit pharmacy benefits manager so you can get the prescription drugs you need, when you need them, at the lowest cost.

With a proud history as a trusted leader in healthcare for half a century, we advocate on behalf of 10,000 members and their families to cover a total of 25,000 individuals. That’s what we mean by strength in numbers. These strengths enable Allegiant Care to stand by our commitment to provide trusted care and benefit plans that are easy to use to the Teamsters every day.

Our Mission

At Allegiant Care, we are committed to providing quality, comprehensive, and affordable healthcare and prescription benefits. Our mission is to assist and advocate for you and your dependents while navigating the increasingly complex healthcare system. This is our mission and our responsibility to you as fellow Teamsters.

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Toll Free: 800.258.9732
Local: 603.669.4771
Fax: 603.666.4477

Allegiant Care
51 Goffstown Road
P.O. Box 4604
Manchester, NH 03108


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